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With 20+ years of experience in management and a member of mental health council as well as a certified and trained Tantra and Psychotherapy Instructor. We acknowledge him as the most trusted player in the business. 


We Value

After having studied and researched about the practice, we followed it up with numerous workshops related to Tantra Practices, Tantra Yoga, Tantra Healing, Tantra Ritual, Energy Healing and BREATHWORK Meditation. Hence, after a number of feedbacks and numerous preaching activities since 2014, we are finally delighted to announce BREATHWORK INDIA. With us, you will be able to experience authentic Tantra and Breathwork Healing Sessions from our in-house certified and trained practitioners, Psychotherapeutic Counselling sessions from certified Doctors and also in production and soon we will be launching our healing product range which ranges from sexual wellness, to sleep deprivation, mental health and cosmeceuticals all derived naturally and has high efficacy rate.


Safety & Security

Our practices are safe and we do not use any drugs. We provide our services in a secured and patterned infrastructure under the guidance of a certified Tantra and Psychotherapy Practitioner/Instructor.



Our prices and policies are completely transparent. Every single session with us means you are paying the right amount for a right duration of time. 


Growth & Innovation 

We constantly upgrade our technology, trainings and practices to achieve an ever lasting growth benefits and hence, improving an end user experience.


Team Work

We believe in team work. A team which is healthy, motivated and skilled are way better than a team without desire and hunger to achieve what they are supposed to. 



We design workshops for internal trainings as well as for our end users. Our workshops are based on Tantra and Psychotherapy practices which is engaging and motivating.



We have curated courses for those who want to learn and get trained on the principles of Tantra Meditation, Breathwork and Psychotherapy Practices.

Our Story

After a successful run since 2009 in the Pharmaceutical and Surgical industry pan India, we came out with a vision of improving the quality of life of every individual suffering from everyday stress, anxiety, depression which plays a pivotal role in the gradual destruction of an individual's harmony, relationship and performance, which thus leads to concerning health-related issues. Hence, with the same goal, BREATHWORK INDIA has been founded and incorporated under MCA guidelines.

This unconventional New Age practice was developed by psychiatrists Stanislav and Christina Grof in the 1970s to achieve altered states of consciousness (without using drugs) as a potential therapeutic tool. BREATHWORK involves controlling and quickening breathing patterns to influence your mental, emotional, and physical states. It is a practice that is derived from a spiritual framework



With Over 7+ years of experience in preaching tantra and yoga. She is a graduate of Delhi University and has attained an advanced tantra instructor certificate from TMA and has completed 1250+ hours of practice. She is Regal, beautiful and has a hidden charming presence. 

Meet The
People Behind Breathwork India.



He sees and studies the very basics of technology and hence, comes with some beautiful crafty variations. Our Healthcare range of products is solely handled by him and his team. Stay tuned for some life-enhancing solutions.

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