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We curated a list of Frequently Asked Questions based on actual query forms. 

Since, we do understand, an individual must be having a lot of questions in their mind before even opting for a Tantra Practice at Breathwork India. We have tried to compile a list of FAQ's which may help you understand us and may solve most of the queries in regards to Tantra Practices by Breathwork India. 

Breathwork India  Frequent Questions
  • How to schedule an appointment?
    To schedule an appointment, an individual must choose a practice and city of practice of their choice after which they will be presented by a Booking Calendar and basic information form which an individual has to fill. After requesting a schedule, our CRM team will be reviewing all the details and upon successful review an individual will either receive an approval or a time/date change request email and sms alongside an advance deposit form.
  • What is the Minimum Age required?
    An individual must be at-least 24 years old to opt for a Tantra Practice at Breathwork India.
  • What are the pre-requisites before heading for a Practice?
    Upon successful confirmation of your schedule. Our instructors will personally drop you an email in regards to the same. Since, every practice has a routine and every individual's mindset varies, we personalise a set of instructions for each individual.
  • What are your Cancellation and Refunds Policy?
    To learn more about the same please follow the link. Cancellation Policy
  • Are you legit?
    Absolutely, we are an organised organisation and are recognised by MCA. We have a valid GSTIN, PAN, TAN and CIN. Every transaction made with us is invoiced under the name of Breathwork Healthcare Private Limited.
  • Why do we have to enter Aadhar number and what happens with my Aadhar number?
    Since, there are many users who pretend to fake their origin, personality and DOB, we have to have a secure infrastructure in place to verify the identities of our devotees. Our booking form is directly synced with onsite member profiles, whatever an individual has filled while requesting a booking, it gets automatically stored under Private Member Profile page and hence, is under the control of our site members. The whole process is automated through highly secure Govt. approved ID verification tools which doesn't reveal anything but Age, Aadhar issuing state, Name and last four digits of registered Mobile Number.
  • Does Tantra Practices offer Sexual Bonding?
    Tantra as of today is highly misinterpreted and is generally related to Tantric Sex and there might be certain centres conducting similar activities. But at Breathwork, we conduct authentic Neo Tantra Practices which is derived through ancient techniques and has scientifically proven health benefits. It is an expensive as well as expansive art of healing science which is primarily related to spiritual awakening. To demystify the same we have already wrote a blog about it. Please have a read, it will help you answer most of your questions in regards to Sexuality in Tantra. Read our latest blogs
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