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Shades of Tantra Practices

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Tantra is an alternative practice that has become more popular with the stigma of fear attached to sexuality, and the allays in modern culture. During the 20th century, Tantra (an abstract science of sacred sexuality) has become familiar in the U.S and western cultures. The point of practicing Tantra is spiritual liberation. Tantra Healing Practices is all about being purposeful with your breath and realizing and loving your own body.

 There is an incredibly deep, complex history to Tantra (and Yoga), which can take years to learn. There are primarily 5 shades of Tantra.  White tantra Red tantra Pink tantra Black tantra Gray tantra.

There is an incredibly deep, complex history to Tantra (and Yoga), which can take years to learn. There are primarily 5 shades of Tantra.

  1. White tantra

  2. Red tantra

  3. Pink tantra

  4. Black tantra

  5. Gray tantra

Connection is not only self-love or melting with a partner but also making a connection with existence.

A White Tantra is a form of tantra oriented towards spiritual growth. It is basically an individual path: the path of the right hand or Dakshini Marga. White tantra is about transcending the ego through disciplined mental and physical practice. Mostly under the guidance of a practitioner. White tantra resembles a bit to mindfulness and some yoga methods, e.g. Kundalini yoga. The tantra yoga practices are aimed at the cleansing of the body and mind. White tantra uses Tantra Rituals to liberate the soul. You can think of the use of mantras, mudras, yantras and visualizations.

White Tantra is used to describe a spiritual path of tantra which incorporates meditation, breathwork, sounds, and postures. Although all of the major chakras or energy centers are recognized in this practice, it is the upper two chakras; the third eye and the crown chakra that is the most important.

White Tantra has nothing to do with sexual expression. However, the white path does recognize the importance of the body and its energies. Physical touch is not necessary in order to advance on this path. White tantra isn’t really focused on the physical act of sex at all!

Red Tantra - Not practiced at BREATHWORK INDIA

A Red Tantra is a form of tantra oriented towards the ecstatic experience of sexual union: the divine union of the male and female principle. It is basically a path that you practice with a partner. It’s referred to as the path of the left-hand (“impure”) or Vama Marga. Red tantra practice historically is a bit rebellious. It involves the ritual use of substances that were traditionally prohibited to Brahmin priests – meat, wine, fish, parched grains, and sexual union.

Red Tantra is a path of tantra best known for bringing us Tantric Sex. So red tantra is primarily a practice that you do with your spouse or partner. Red tantra is focused on sensuality and sexuality (lower chakras). However, all of the chakras are involved in the sex act, leading to orgasmic being and connection. (self-practice)

A Pink Tantra is the middle path of both white and red tantra. It’s individual because there are a lot of meditation and exercises you can do on your own. It’s a duo because there are plenty of meditations that are designed to do with a partner. Spiritual energy is part of this practice, and there’s no sex act. The heart seems to be the prime focus, integrating both the lower and the higher chakras.

Pink Tantra is about opening the heart chakra and healing. Growing in love and consciousness are central themes in this practice. Pink Tantra teaches us body awareness. To cultivate love without attachment, ownership or expectation. Spiritual energy is transformed and added to the stream of love/life energy. It is a merging of embodied souls, for both pleasure and enlightenment.

Key elements of PINK TANTRA

  • Path of both hands.

  • Individual and duo practice – which can also be practiced in a group.

  • Love and consciousness are needed. Starts with breathing, and awareness of conditioning. Lovingly embracing everything that is there. Nothing has to be fixed.

  • Aimed at loving connection – The opposite sex is unmasked as the prime object for projection and a source of learning and expansion. Union is still the aim, polarity the means, unity with your inner men/women the result.

  • Meditations and Rituals are heart-oriented.

  • Awakening emotional/spiritual/psychological/physical energy is key, all chakras participate in Balancing energies.

  • It’s a growth path in love and consciousness.

  • Best known for loving duo meditations and ecstatic rituals.

Black Tantra - Not practiced at BREATHWORK INDIA

A Black Tantra is a form of tantra oriented towards exercising certain magical powers (siddhis) in order to manifest in the 3rd Dimension. The human body can be powerful. The human mind can be powerful. Combined magic can occur. Sex magic uses sexual energy to envision certain desires during orgasm which then come true – manifest- in real life. It’s the power of body and mind. Power releases also dark forces. Using tantra techniques to project alternative realities (levitation) and/or to overpower other people. This has more to do with manipulation and control. Black tantra, however, is poorly understood because it’s mostly practiced in secrecy.

Grey Tantra - Not practiced at BREATHWORK INDIA

A Grey Tantra is oriented towards exercising certain magical powers (siddhis) for spiritual development. Cultivating your kundalini energy for improving your spiritual skills is a distinct practice. Sexual magic uses sexual energy to envision certain desires during orgasm which then are realized in one’s spiritual life. It’s the power of body, heart, soul and mind. Explore Gray Tantra to cultivate your sexual energy for the purpose of spiritual development, using all the chakras with a partner.

Experience authentic Tantra Rituals, Breathwork, Tantra Yoga and Spiritual Retreats at Breathwork India. (Right Hand Path - Dakshini Marga aka Pure)

Please note: - At Breathwork India, we do not promote Sexual Bonding or Practices by any means. Our practices and rituals are focused on spiritual awakening, mental well-being, and physical well-being which helps in managing stress, anxiety and depression aka “SAD” only.

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