Intense Four Tantra Healing Session in India


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  • 2 hours
  • 50,250 Indian rupees

Service Description

Four-hand tantric practices are believed to have their origins in Indian civilisation, thousands of years before Christ. Due to its roots in this country, it has been assumed that its functions were for relaxation and that it was intimately linked to questions of meditation. What does it consist of? The Intense Four Practice requires perfect synchronisation of the manipulations that must be carried out in order to be effective. They must master each of the movements performed so that the energy is distributed in the same way throughout the body. The rhythm and pressure should be exactly the same on the left side as on the right so as not to unbalance the work of ritual. What are its benefits? Mobilisations and Frictions, using oriental and relaxation techniques in their realisation. Throughout the entire practice, a state of absolute relaxation and well-being is achieved. At Breathwork India we recommend this practice to those who wish to discover new sensations. It is ideal for escaping and freeing yourself from daily stress. Also, to bring to your attention we would like to convey a short message to all our attendees. At Breathwork India, Tantra, as well as Breathwork practices, are preached authentically and it does not involve any form of explicit practices.

Cancellation Policy

We accept Cancellation/Rescheduling within 60 mins of reserving a time slot only. A 100% refund will be processed if cancelled or informed within 60 mins. A nil refund will be applicable after surpassing 60 mins of the time frame. For more information kindly write to us at

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