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Tantra Healing Sessions by Breathwork India - Intense Tantra 110


Intense Tantra is a journey of grounding, healing, and self-discovery - 110 minutes of wellness.

  • 1 hour 50 minutes
  • 30,182 Indian rupees

Service Description

As Breathwork India, we are dedicated to providing transformative and accessible wellness experiences across India. We have designed an Intense Tantra Program that caters to individuals with varied needs, especially those who are mindful of their budgets or have limited time. This program is structured into three main steps, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful journey into the world of Tantra Healing awithin a concise time frame of 110 minutes. Step 1: Welcome Hug and Therapeutic Talk Session Objective: Establish a welcoming atmosphere, understand each participant's journey. Process: Starts with a heartfelt hug, followed by a therapeutic conversation focused on individual needs, leading to a customized session. Step 2: Intense Tantra Healing Session Objective: To introduce the foundational elements of Tantra Healing, providing a glimpse into its profound benefits. Process: Grounding Techniques: Implementing grounding exercises to connect participants with their bodies and the present moment using Body Palpation Techniques promoting a sense of stability and connectedness. Breath Coalescing: Beginning with controlled breathing exercises also known as Breathwork to establish a foundation for energy work using Box Method also known as Square Method alongside Intensive Tantric Breathing to help participants focus inward and begin harmonizing their energy. 10 Points Tantra Touch Therapy: Gentle touch on 10 key nerve points including crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root, palm, sole, and Lingam Healing, respecting participant consent and promoting holistic healing. Integration and Reflection: Time for absorbing and reflecting on the experience. Step 3: Separation after a Refreshing Shower and Therapeutic Guidance Objective: Conclude with rejuvenation and personalized growth guidance. Process: Refresh and Rejuvenate: Participants take a refreshing shower, symbolizing cleansing and renewal. Therapeutic Guidance: Offering tailored advice based on the initial Key Notes: Professionalism: Highly trained and certified practitioners with at least 750 hours of training. Luxury Amenities: Five Star Specific amenities for an enhanced experience. Payment: We require a 30% Advance to reserve and confirm date and time slot. Privacy Policy: Visit Assessment: Visit BEGIN YOUR PATH TO A BETTER MIND TODAY.

Cancellation Policy

We accept Cancellation/Rescheduling within 60 mins of reserving a time slot only. A 100% refund will be processed if cancelled or informed within 60 mins. A nil refund will be applicable after surpassing 60 mins of the time frame. For more information kindly write to us at

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