Tantra Healing Session in India


Art of touch. Divine and Mystic Tantra Healing Introductory Session.

  • 1 hour
  • 20,500 Indian rupees

Service Description

Awaken and align your mind, body and soul with this rejuvenating Tantra Healing Session. Walk Into Tantra prioritizes anxiety management and toxicity of the body. This Tantra Healing session is specifically curated by Breathwork Team for those individuals who wish to enter into the universe of Tantra Healing and wants to experience what Tantra and Breathwork are all about. Here we are enlisting a brief of the process that an assigned Practitioner will follow during your Tantra Healing Session. 1. Walk Into Tantra begins with a basic Therapeutic Talk that is friendly and comforting. Since talk is an important aspect to develop a deeper bond and understanding between the attendee and the practitioner. It helps them achieve their targeted goals. 2. It is then followed by an Acceptance Hug practice. Acceptance Hug is a methodology that is used to greet each other. It is like you wish to start a new phase of the journey with your partner and enter into a world of love, emotions and confessions. Acceptance Hug helps in crafting the journey of togetherness which stays forever between you and your partner. 3. Since the journey together is accepted by each of the individuals now. We move on to BREATHWORK. It is a technique used to remove any and all toxic energies so that your inner soul gets the relaxation it was desiring for. 4. After this we move on to the Tantra Meditation and Ritual. In this process, you surrender your mind, body and soul to your partner and allow them to heal you from Inside and Out. 5. The process of Tantra Meditation and Ritual ends with Pleasure Time also known as Lingam Therapy, which eliminates unwanted thoughts from your Mind, removes toxicity from your Soul and develops a surreal force of energy for your body. Also, to bring to your attention we would like to convey a short message to all our devotees. At Breathwork India, Tantra, as well as Breathwork practices, are preached authentically and it does not involve any form of explicit practices.

Cancellation Policy

We accept Cancellation/Rescheduling within 60 mins of reserving a time slot only. A 100% refund will be processed if cancelled or informed within 60 mins. A nil refund will be applicable after surpassing 60 mins of the time frame. For more information kindly write to us at crm@breathworks.in.

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