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Revive Your Inner Self while being isolated for 16 hours. - Self Discovery, Growth and Connectedness

  • 16 hr
  • 2,36,484 Indian rupees

Service Description

Breathwork India is thrilled to present "Holistic Companionship - Revive+," a unique one-day Tantra Companionship Getaway designed for individuals and couples seeking a transformative escape into the world of holistic well-being. This retreat combines the serene pleasures of a vacation with the profound experiences of personalized Tantra practice, creating an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and connection.

Cancellation Policy

We accept Cancellation/Rescheduling within 60 mins of reserving a time slot only. A 100% refund will be processed if cancelled or informed within 60 mins. A nil refund will be applicable after surpassing 60 mins of the time frame. For more information kindly write to us at

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